Saturday, March 3, 2012

So behind

Oh my I am so so behind with my posting. Been way to busy with being a mom, wife, staff developer to a new principal at Rees Elementary and...... Let's ne honest Facebook!:-). Let's see if I can catch things up a little.
Paylor Alexandria is 2 1/2 years old and definitely the boss of the house. She LOVES HER MOM and often is found in my lap if I am sitting down. She loves her "baby" which is her blanket she has had since she was a baby. She still loves her bot bot when she goes to sleep. Speaking of sleep.... That is something she doesn't know much about at night. She gets up at least 3 times a night insisiting I get up and get her a bottle or change her diaper. I know she is spoiled and I need to whip her in shape but honestly I am to tired!! She is a sweet heart and loves keeping up with her siblings.
Brooklyn Louise is such a sweetheart. She is 4 1/2 and can not wait to go to school. She is doing preschool at Aunt Ivys this year and I think things are finally starting to click. It has taken a while. Brooklyn is such a mother. She loves helping. She loves to play school. Brook took dance this fall and loved it. I need to get in with a company.
Easton Brett is 6 1/2 and ALL BOy!!!!! He loves to play with his friends and play hunting games on the Wii. Easton is in first grade and really is taking off in reading. He has such potential if he would apply himself. He is way to social to worry about academics! He played playing Little Hoosters this year. He is quite aggressive and is going to be a good little basketball player. We just signed him up for coach pitch so that will be fun.
Brett got a new job at BYU. He really enjoys it. He has been released as the secretary in Young Men and now is a teacher in YM. Not his favorite calling but he does a good job. He got a Harley last spring so he has enjoyed riding that when it is warm enough. We played on a coed softball team this year and that was a blast. He is so athletic! Unfortunately he has pulled something an unable to play basketball for a while. That has been hard to realize he is getting old.
I just got accepted to BYUs Leadership Preparation Program. I am waiting to hear from the district to see of they will pay me a stipend to go to school. I sure hope that works out. I might as well get paid for what I do. I have a new Principal at my school this year and it has been a lot of work!!!! I played women's league softball bad had a blast. I am super busy with the kids and work but love being a working mom. Would so wish to lose some weight but just can't get motivated to do that. I am always feeling yucky. You would think that would get me going but not yet. Makaela is 13 and Alyssa is 10 and they are busy with friends, school and playing softball.
That about sums up our crazy life. I really am going to try to keep up beetles so I cangrave a journal of events.


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